Art Makes Dick and Jane Smart at Art & Soul By Phoebe Gallery

the september theme at art soul by phoebe gallery will focus on the importance of the arts in school.  the opening reception for art makes dick and jane smart will be on first thursday, september 2, 2010, from 5-9pm at the downtown muncie gallery. once again the mannequins will tell a story, in their own way, through dramatic, painting and musical arts.

the featured artist this month is the gifted and talented local artist, susie morgan.  she will be showing out her collection of beautiful art work which she has named, postcards from home…scenes from old muncie.  the gallery is welcoming several new artists this month (one from pennsylvania) in addition to new works by returning artists, both local, national, and international.

phoebe wantz, owner of art soul by phoebe gallery, will be wearing a piece of art at the first thursday opening reception, september 2nd, 5-9pm, in keeping with the theme of this month’s show, art makes dick and jane smart.

phoebe plans to put this piece of apparel on sale after the show to the highest bidder to raise funds to help support the gallery. phoebe is the sole benefactor of the gallery, which was formed to help young artists with the motto: artists first. her main goal is to get the gallery self-sustaining so that it can go on and keep providing this space and opportunity for artists for a long, long time. with god’s help, she thinks this is an attainable goal.

a special spotlight is going to be shown this month on tanglevine crossing of farmland, indiana.  although tanglevine has shown some specialty items at the gallery since we opened, this month the gallery has brought in even more than ever before for the muncie patrons to enjoy.  tanglevine is known for the uniqueness of their gift items, and you will not be disappointed at this month’s gallery display of new and different things you will not see anywhere else.

this will be your first chance to see our new art studio.  art and soul by phoebe will begin art, dramatic, and jewelry making classes in september, and this is where it all will happen. planned classes include oil painting by kim estes, jewelry making by janessa erickson, and

in addition, tanglevine crossing will be catering this month’s event, and our host will be on hand to serve you wine.  phil dunn will be at the keyboard to play music and sing a few songs.