Auto.Bio.Graphical By Caitlyn Lynch at The Artist Within

the artist within will feature the work of caitlyn lynch. ms. lynch is a recent graduate of ball state university, receiving her bfa in painting this past may. her interest in drawing, painting and just making things goes back as far as she can remember. she explains that her passion for art is like her being right handed…it’s always been that way. painters mark rothko, william dekooning and sculptors ann hamilton and eva hesse are a few of the artists that have had a major influence on cat.

inspiration comes from everywhere-philosophy, pulp novels, candy wrappers or even a funny phrase or song that gets stuck in my head. is the title of caitlyn’s show and reflects the three common themes in all of the pieces: auto-as in self(about me/my life) or as in automatic, spontaneous, up to chance; bio-as in all narratives come from my own life and graphical-because each piece is either a drawing or contains illustrative elements.

her one-woman show of watercolor and ink drawings opens first thursday july1st and remains on exhibit through july 31, 2001. an opening reception is planned for 5-8 pm as part of the first thursday gallery walk on thursday, july 1 from 5-8pm. the reception is free and open to the public. please plan to join us and take the opportunity to meet caitlyn lynch.