Can-Do Art By Debra Gindhart Dragoo at The Artist Within

the artist within will feature the work of debra gindhart dragoo during the month of november.  first thursday, november 4th from 5-8pm will be the opening reception and the public is invited to come meet the artist.

debra dragoo is a local artist who has shared her love of art, poetry, music and repurposing with hundreds over the years.  she has worked tirelessly with several local community centers. her involvement with these organizations shows that she lives her quote from author wilferd a. peterson’s book entitled more about the art of living when she states you should, use the magic of your mind to create and to serve.

when asked to list her art heroes, debra names the late pete carr, her former burris art instructor, along with her great grandfather richard love.  she jokingly admits that art is in her dna as her great grandfather was one of the co-founders of the indiana school of art, indianapolis, in which became john herron school of art. it is easy to see in her work why she also lists jackson pollock as a major influence.

can-do art is an exhibit of her most recent avenue of expression…aerosols.   debra says she discovered aerosols five months ago and has not turned back.  the colors, texture, and impact you get out of a can is well…stunning! according to this painter.

her series aerosol and old lace, colored countenance and a work in progress, holy armor will be represented in this single artist show through november 27th at the artist within, 313 s. walnut st, downtown muncie indiana.