Mark Bercier’s The Healin’ Symbols and An IPR Preview Show At Gallery 308

Gallery 308 and Indiana Public Radio invite the public to visit the Gallery in September for a unique event: The opening reception for New Orleans artist Mark Bercier, and a sneak peek at fourteen pieces of art created especially for WBST-Indiana Public Radio’s 50th anniversary.

The reception will be held during the First Thursday gallery walk from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. on September 2. Admission is free; light refreshments will be provided.

WBST-IPR’s Preview Show

As part of Indiana Public Radio’s upcoming 50th anniversary, 14 area artists were invited to create and donate artwork for a commemorative 2011 calendar produced by IPR in recognition of the station’s long-standing commitment to the arts. The original art will be auctioned at an anniversary dinner later in September as Indiana Public Radio begins its anniversary celebration.

Visitors to Gallery 308 between September 2 and September 16 can see the commissioned artwork displayed in the Founders Room.

The artists whose work will be shown at this Preview, and later auctioned by IPR, all live and work in east central Indiana:

David Dale, Jim Davis, Pamela DeMarris, Jim Faulkner, Brian Gordy, Sarojini Johnson, Pat Kluesner, Paul Laseau, Alan Patrick, Margie Prim, David Slonim, Carol Strock-Wasson, M.K. Watkins, and Lynette Whitesell.

Gallery 308 is located at 308 East Main Street, Muncie. It is a 501(c)(3) community art gallery which exists to provide exhibition space for artists, encourage innovative work and serve the community as a cultural and educational resource. Contributions to Gallery 308 are tax-deductible. For more information about gallery hours, volunteer and donor opportunities, please call 765-289-8575.

Mark Bercier’s The Healin’ Symbols

For the past 20 years Mark Bercier has been working on a language he calls The Healin’ Symbols. It’s a personal iconography that he created from 26 images juxtaposed with 26 words–words and images that do not necessarily go together. For example, in this language a light bulb and the word key mean ideas.

One of the symbols is called Baby and was taken from a self-portrait done by Mark’s daughter when she was five. For him, the figure of Baby has become the purist symbol of innocence and hope, not only in childhood but throughout our lives. It has played an important role in Mark’s work, showing us that it’s possible for life’s riddles and fears to be eased through the miracle of art.

The critic D. Eric Bookhardt describes Mark’s work as faux-naive…reflecting the inner child in an exploration of the mysteries of life, creation and other cool stuff.

Mark Bercier was educated at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, after which he studied at the Texas Academy of Art in Houston, as well as in Belgium and the University of New Orleans (Innsbruck, Austria). He has exhibited in recent years at the Peligro Gallery and the George Schmidt Gallery (both in New Orleans); and the Clark Gallery in Boston, among other locations.

The Mark Bercier exhibit is sponsored by First Merchants Bank and First Merchants Trust Company.