White River Cleanup Set For Sept. 11

join muncie-delaware clean beautiful in a county-wide white river clean-up, to be held saturday, september 11th from 8am to noon.

boundaries to be cleaned will include some of randolph county all the way through delaware county. headquarters for the clean up is at west side park (view  map) off west white river blvd. between south nichols ave and south tillotson ave.  carpool with friends and family!

all participants will receive a free t-shirt, and a free lunch. bell’s aquaculture will be providing the perch! please dress prepared to get wet and dirty!  bring work gloves if you have them or some will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

we will be getting in the water at 9am.  the clean-up will conclude at noon and free lunch will be sponsored by bell’s aquaculture perch farm in albany.

sign up online at munciedelawarecleanandbeautiful.org.

in delaware county alone, close to 30,000 pounds of trash, and nearly 250 tires have been pulled from the white river in 2008 and 2009’s white river clean-up. the clean-up has also brought close to 900 volunteers from the local community together to participate in the past two years. the 2009 white river clean-up cleaned close to 15 miles of river from the old indiana steel and wire plant all the way to canoe country in daleville.

volunteers will walk the bank, river and land where possible removing debris from and around the river. when that is not possible, volunteers use canoes to navigate through the water filling them up along the way with the debris they find.

in the past volunteers have cleaned from the randolph county/delaware county line all the way to morrow’s meadow in yorktown covering 30.5 miles of river when combining the past two years.

many sponsors and partners come together every year to make this event one of delaware county’s most accomplishing community work days. such partners include; indiana american water, muncie sanitary district, muncie delaware clean and beautiful, muncie delaware county stormwater management, town of yorktown, minnetrista cultural center, mits, ball state university, white river watershed project, normal city fly fishers club, canoe country, union chapel church, alpha water conditioning, mid states concessions and walmart.

the white river clean-up would never be possible without the major contributions and sponsorship of indiana american water, muncie delaware clean and beautiful, muncie sanitary district and muncie delaware county stormwater management and the town of yorktown.

for more information visit munciedelawarecleanandbeautiful.org, or contact jason at 716-2595 or email at jdonati [at] co.delaware.in.us.